Earth Bucket Services

We provide many different solutions. Take a look and see if one is right for you.


There are many reasons to compost, but also many reasons why you may not yet have committed. Are you concerned about potential mess? Worried that you don’t have enough time to manage it? Are you living in limited space?

Earth Bucket takes care of those issues by doing the dirty work for you. We provide our residential subscribers with a bucket and a secure lid. You then fill the bin with your food scraps and once a week we’ll come and take them leaving you with a clean bucket for the next week.


Are you looking to make your business more eco-friendly? Interested in lowering your rubbish removal costs? Want to advertise your business as sustainable? Earth Bucket can help. We will provide your business with appropriate bins for food scraps and pick them up on a regular schedule. Give us a call and we can assess your needs to develop a compost solution for your business.

Special Events

If you’re already composting in your own home (or even if you’re not), it makes sense that you would want to compost at your special event. Earth Bucket can work with you or your event planner to make your wedding, birthday, barbeque or other event even more special. Make your event a sustainable one and show your guests something unique by inviting Earth Bucket to join your special event.