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About Earth Bucket

Earth Bucket is Sydney’s first residential and commercial food scrap pickup service. Committed to eco-friendly practices, Earth Bucket picks up your food scraps weekly and delivers them to a local composting facility where your “waste” is turned back into soil.

Currently, Earth Bucket accepts compostable food scraps from residential and commercial properties as well as from schools. We are also available to work with you on your next event such as weddings, birthday parties, and meetings.

Earth Bucket’s key mission is to prevent compostable food matter from going to waste in landfill. By seeing food scraps as a resource instead of as waste, we provide Sydney’s residents with an alternative to traditional “waste management” services.

By working together, we decrease the carbon footprint of our city and increase the sustainability of our urban systems.

About Me

To put it simply, Earth Bucket is the result of 5 years of dreaming. I developed Earth Bucket out of a strong desire to live and work in line with my values and to help others to do the same. As a social worker in various community organisations, my work has always been fulfilling but I felt compelled to work more closely with the natural environment.

The idea for Earth Bucket came to me while living in the United States. My household utilised a service similar to Earth Bucket in order to make composting a reality while living in limited space. Sydney has been my home for the last five years and I am thrilled to be bringing this service to our communities.

It is my belief that small businesses such as Earth Bucket help to bring diversity to our local economies. We are a small ethically-run business and engage with others who share the same values.