Bucket It

Earth Bucket provides subscribers with a bucket and a secure lid to eliminate concerns of smells or pests as well as information about composting.

Scrap It

Over the next week, place your compostable food scraps in the bucket.

Curb It

Set your Earth Bucket outside on a set day each week, and we will come to take your food scraps and leave a new clean bucket for the next week.

Soil It

Your food scraps are kept out of landfill and are turned into nutrient rich soil instead of harmful waste.


Australian households throw away 3 million tonnes of food and food waste per year. When organic waste is compacted in landfill, it releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas which has a negative affect on climate change. Methane is also flammable and toxic. Within the next five years, Sydney's landfills are expected to reach their capacity. Our next closest option is a facility 225km west of Sydney. With 37% of the average red bin made up of food, we could decrease our reliance on these landfills by composting and decrease the carbon footprint of our city.

Subscribe for $12.10 a week (GST incl)

Weekly curbside compost pickup for residential properties is $12.10 a week, charged as one payment each month. It will appear as a recurring payment for as long as you choose to compost with Earth Bucket. Earth Bucket will confirm your address and drop off your new Earth Bucket within a week. Your pickups will begin immediately. You can make payments via PayPal or Direct Debit. Thank you!